Just a bunch of creative people from London.

It started with a Müller Yoghurt…

Here at Yoghurt Media creating beautiful & meaningful projects for our clients is what drives us as a team daily.

Yoghurt Media is a creative environment where digital applications meet beautiful design and innovation. We have a range of talented developers, designers and other collaborative aids injected with a wealth of knowledge of the web and mobile app world, that help us create the wonderful projects we do.

We are very confident in what we do and how we do it and we are dedicated in providing exactly what our clients desire and more!

We’ve worked very hard to achieve the success we have and it all began one day in 2009 after a strawberry Müller yoghurt. Many Müller yoghurts later, we are still here!

We like to keep things simple, for us and for you because running a business is hard enough!

We believe every great project needs strong ideas and our clients need inspiring magicians like us who can advise you about strategies and new developments in the creative world.

We are delighted that you found your way here and we hopefully look forward to working with you in the future.

Feel free to visit our project case studies and enjoy our ideas, styles, showcase and artistic waterfall.

The internet is changing, but great designs last forever!

our clients