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WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that is ideal for many and has been used to create over 60 million websites. It was originally developed as software for blogging purposes but it is now the most commonly used web application websites across the Internet.

Here at Yoghurt Media we have tailored our systems to work impeccably with the platform. We are confident in using WordPress software and very experienced in doing so.

At Yoghurt Media we like to keep things simple for ourselves and our clients, we help take away all the stress of web development, we are very skilled at what we do and as part of our service we aim to provide a web development experience for our clients comparable to a walk in the park. Delightful!

Our stress free service offers 24/7 email support as standard and fully planned out projects that are transparent from start to finish. Just like you we are human and being human, we know that humans can often change their mind and bearing that in mind we won’t charge you a penny to make changes to your project before it has been signed off.


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